Let’s Engage the New Volunteer (and Keep the Current)

attracting volunteersContributed by Peggy Hoffman, CAE

Engaging today’s volunteer is not as hard as you think – but it does mean rethinking the volunteer paradigm. We talked about what’s changed and strategies for responding in a recent webinar. You can download the recording here or view the handouts here. A few questions came up during that webinar that are worth further discussion … Continue reading

11 Tactics to Alleviate Board Micromanagement

board micromanagementDo you struggle to get things done with a board that’s constantly looking over your shoulder? Your board might not be to blame. Robert Nelson at NSC Consulting tells us about the other side of the coin in this week’s post …

CEOs are not always innocent when it comes to boards engaging in micromanagement. In fact, CEOs are sometimes culpable in creating and sustaining such behavior and are most often in a position to refocus boards on true board level work and what really matters. Continue reading

10 Tips for Board Meeting Breakouts

board-meetingBreakout sessions can be highly beneficial at board meetings as a technique to increase board member engagement and reduce the likelihood of groupthink. They also introduce a different dynamic into the typical board meeting, which can increase the value perception held by board members, enhance relationship building and develop a team spirit. Continue reading

Who’s Responsible for Strategy Development?

strategy-developmentWho’s responsible for strategy development? Is it the Board, the CEO, or the Receptionist?

The best strategy in the world isn’t a good strategy unless it can be communicated and executed. Although the CEO is responsible for leading the strategy development process, and the Board has ultimate fiduciary responsibility for determining strategic direction, an organization is missing an opportunity if it doesn’t engage the entire staff in the development of strategy. Continue reading

How Associations Can Lead Change

Associations are uniquely placed to tackle complex global challenges. Taking a leadership role and not shying away from grand challenges is the right thing to do for mankind and can benefit your organization as well. Although this article focuses on grand challenges of a global nature, its premises hold true for complex challenges on a smaller scale as well. Continue reading

The CEO is Responsible for Board Performance

Board MeetingCEOs must take the lead when it comes to board performance. This includes taking a leadership role in board nominations and board development.

The process of creating a high performing board doesn’t begin with nominating amazing board candidates that intuitively think strategically and have highly developed governing skills. Continue reading