What Does Member Engagement Mean, Anyway?

member-engagementThe phrase “member engagement” is big in the association world. But what does it really mean, and how do we measure it?

Member engagement runs deeper than member satisfaction. You would use the word “satisfaction” to describe a member’s attitude toward your organization. But engagement covers both attitudes and behaviors Continue reading

Paper, Phone or Web Survey: Which Do I Choose?

web-surveysWeb surveys have surged in popularity in recent years, and for many associations they’ve become the go-to tool for measuring member engagement.  So when and why is it appropriate to choose good old paper or phone-based surveys over electronic? Continue reading

Let’s Engage the New Volunteer (and Keep the Current)

attracting volunteersContributed by Peggy Hoffman, CAE

Engaging today’s volunteer is not as hard as you think – but it does mean rethinking the volunteer paradigm. We talked about what’s changed and strategies for responding in a recent webinar. You can download the recording here or view the handouts here. A few questions came up during that webinar that are worth further discussion … Continue reading

Refreshing Your Association Meetings

conferenceContributed by Mary Byers, CAE

Meeting attendance has been on the decline for many associations. If yours is following the trend, it might be time to transform or refresh your meeting. According to Velvet Chainsaw Consulting, CoreNet, an association for corporate real estate professionals, increased registration revenue by 49% and sponsorship revenue by 73% by revamping its meeting, a stunning achievement at a time when many groups are questioning the future of their gatherings. Continue reading

Speaker Coaching: The Key to Unlocking Top-Rated Conference Sessions


This week’s blog post on speaker coaching is re-posted with permission from Aaron D. Wolowiec,  founder and president of Event Garde, a professional development consulting firm based in Grand Rapids, Mich. Website: www.eventgarde.com.

When’s the last time your organization’s education committee was asked to identify the three to five greatest challenges currently inhibiting its industry speakers from reaching their fullest potential during the annual conference? Continue reading

Association Management Software: 3 Questions to Ask Before Buying

123 QuestionIf you’re looking for association management software, you likely have specific features on your wish list that you can’t do without – and some “nice-to-haves”.  Of course it’s important that the product you choose offers the feature set you need, but there are some intangibles that are often overlooked in the process of shopping for an AMS. Continue reading

Data Rules, Assumptions Drool: Keeping Your Email Marketing Relevant

email marketingContributed by Mary Byers, CAE

Email marketing has long been the mainstay of an association’s marketing plan, but is it still effective? The popularity of smart phones and tablets has made email readily accessible, but has also created some challenges. To be most effective you’ll need to do a little research to determine how and when your members read their email, and what type of content is most likely to engage them.

Continue reading