3 Lessons Associations Can Learn from Netflix

What-Associations-Learn-From-NetflixAssociations have more in common with for-profit businesses than you think. Thinking outside the nonprofit box can help you glean new insights that you can translate for your organization. Continue reading

Community Management is About Strategy

networksThis week’s blog post on online community management is re-posted with permission from Aaron D. Wolowiec,  founder and president of Event Garde, a professional development consulting firm based in Grand Rapids, Mich. Website: www.eventgarde.com.

Although still relatively new, online communities are quickly becoming popular platforms for engagement, discussion and membership. Continue reading

Association Management Software: 3 Questions to Ask Before Buying

123 QuestionIf you’re looking for association management software, you likely have specific features on your wish list that you can’t do without – and some “nice-to-haves”.  Of course it’s important that the product you choose offers the feature set you need, but there are some intangibles that are often overlooked in the process of shopping for an AMS. Continue reading

Using Auto Renewals to Enhance Member Retention


Contributed by Mary Byers, CAE

What do health clubs, iTunes, Dropbox, Xbox and Netflix have in common? All require members to participate in monthly billing or auto renewal programs. And all are benefiting as a result.

Author and association consultant Seth Kahan recently hosted a summit on “Private Sector Membership Models,” a growing trend in the corporate world. Continue reading

Six Stages of Brainstorming

mindThe power of brainstorming as a creative thinking technique is enhanced by engaging the six stages of brainstorming during a brainstorming session. Although brainstorming has been used since the 1930’s and many, if not most, people have engaged in informal brainstorming, few have led formal brainstorming sessions. Continue reading

The Right Questions to Ask on Your Next Membership Survey (Part 2)

Did you Know In last week’s post, we looked at why membership surveys are important, and the basic demographic and personal information you need to understand who your members are. The key to retaining your members – and attracting new ones – is knowing what they need and value, how you can fill those needs, and what they think of your organization. Continue reading

The Right Questions to Ask on Your Next Membership Survey

123-QuestionYou might say, “I already know my members – I am constantly talking to them and getting their feedback.” That’s a great start, and will definitely help you make an overall assessment of your members’ needs. However, there’s a danger in assuming that the select group of people you are talking to all share the same common attitudes and opinions. Continue reading

Organizational Assessments For Associations: A Step-By-Step Guide

greenred-123Signup-Blog-200pxAssessing your organization’s strengths and weaknesses along with the barriers to achieving your goals is an essential – yet often overlooked – step on the path to growing your membership. Be warned: you won’t like everything you see. That’s a good thing, because it will help you identify where you need to improve. Continue reading

Idealware’s “Few Good Association Management Systems”

IdealwareLooking for a software product that will support your Association’s needs, but not sure where to start?

A little while ago, Idealware published a great article called “A Few Good Association Management Systems.” It’s a great resource to help you navigate an overwhelming web of software companies. Continue reading

Choosing Membership Management Software: The Mistakes Associations Make

online_membership_management_toolsMembership management software requires not only a financial commitment, but also significant time and resources. Your staff members will be taking time out to learn the ins and outs of your new system, and it also takes time to go through the data migration and integration process. There are a lot of things to consider when software shopping, and a lot of ways you can get it wrong. Continue reading