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ADAP ADVOCACY ASSOCIATION (aaa+), Brandon Macsata, CEO, Washington D.C.

Brandon wears many hats as CEO of ADAP Advocacy Association (aaa+). But with 123Signup Association Manager online software, he's able to do the work of three to five employees with less work on his part.

I've done my homework.123Signup is the most comprehensive, most user-friendly association management software out there. It continually produces the results I need as a professional — and allows me to do my job more efficiently.

ADAP Advocacy Association (aaa+) is a national HIV/AIDS patient advocacy association with the dual purpose of promoting and enhancing the AIDS Drug Assistance Programs (ADAPs), and improving access to care for persons living with HIV/AIDS.

THE CHALLENGE: As CEO, Brandon balances multiple hats. But from the start of forming ADAP Advocacy Association (aaa+), he knew he couldn't do the job of multiple employees on his own. The time he would spend on marketing, finance and event management would only take him further away from his core responsibilities as CEO — and inevitably hurt the organization.

THE SOLUTION: Brandon turned to 123Signup Association Manager all-in-one, cloud-based software. The simple software solution automates and organizes the many functions that come with running an association from member communication and event management to payment processing.

With 123Signup Association Manager, I'm able to juggle several balls at the same time efficiently.

THE RESULTS: Now with 123Signup Association Manager in his corner, Brandon can do more with less work on his part. Built-in email marketing enables him to easily communicate with his coalition. Integrated member registration and payment processing all happens online — with no action required from Brandon. And the 50+ real-time reports that track memberships, registrations, financials and more, keep Brandon on top of it all to gauge performance.

It's all about efficiency in our association playbook. 123Signup Association Manager enables me to do the job of multiple staff in the most efficient way.


NORTH SHORE TECHNOLOGY COUNCIL, Bette Cullinan, Administrator, Beverly, Massachusetts

The North Shore Technology Council uses 123Signup Association Manager software to store and track vital membership data.

We can always count on getting a true picture of our organization's members with 123Signup Association Manager.

North Shore Technology Council is a non-profit association that promotes and sustains the growth of technology jobs in and around the area north of Boston.

THE CHALLENGE: When Bette entered her role as administrator, the North Shore Technology Council had just started using 123Signup Association Manager software, but had yet to use it to its full potential. Staff members spent their time going into several systems to update spreadsheets — spreadsheets that were often out of date as soon as the information was entered.

THE SOLUTION: Knowing that data collection needed to be automated and processed in real-time, Bette began using 123Signup Association Manager to collect, store and track its membership data — taking member enrollment, renewal, event registration and payment processing online.

THE RESULTS: Today, the North Shore Technology Council no longer spends their time updating spreadsheets. The software's self-service capability enables members to enroll, renew and register for events through web pages that are integrated with the organization's website. Best of all, the organization gets the most up-to-date data on their members whenever they need it.

123Signup Association Manager software has been a lifesaver. We've saved a massive amount of time and we have the data to back up the decisions we make.

123Signup's support is outstanding. There's no other word for it. You know there's a human on the other end of the line and the team will do everything in their power to make sure you have a great experience with the software.


FLORIDA SCHOOL COUNSELOR ASSOCIATION, Russell Sabella, Past President, Florida

The Florida School Counselor Association uses 123Signup online member management and event registration software to keep its volunteers productive and efficient.

123Signup is easy and intuitive, so we can train our volunteers to use it within an hour. I've recommended it to several other state chapters, and they're loving it too.

THE CHALLENGE: Like most nonprofits with small budgets, the Florida School Counselor Association's workforce is mostly volunteer-based. With 3,000 members in their database and seven yearly events to manage, their volunteers needed to access information online anytime, anywhere.

THE SOLUTION: 123Signup's all-in-one member management and event registration solution came in at the right cost compared to other popular association management software products.

Everything we need is under one roof — online enrollment and renewal for members, email communications, and a great selection of reports that help us make data-driven decisions.

THE RESULTS: Russell's team spends less time worrying about management, and more time developing services, resources, and tools for members.

We realized just how good 123Signup is to work with after having a bad experience with another popular software provider. Using 123Signup helps us maintain an outward focus instead of worrying about our internal operations.

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